Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is a healthcare model going back almost 2000 years. The ancient belief is that when a person is experiencing pain or ill health there is a disharmony within the body. With the use of needles, the practitioner treats the whole body to bring equilibrium back, thus reducing or eliminating the signs and symptoms which the person is experiencing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at all parts of a persons life in order to make a diagnosis. This includes the physical, emotional and mental aspects of life. Each person is treated as an individual, whilst two patients may present with the same Western diagnosis they may receive different treatments.

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How acupuncture works

During the first session a complete history will be taken from the patient. All relevant information will be gathered, in addition to the symptoms the patient is experiencing other general characteristics obtained. This will be put together to create a 'pattern of disharmony'.

Once the disharmony has been identified, the practitioner will place very fine needles into a persons body. Ancient Chinese texts identified a series of channels , known as meridians, in the body. Through the insertion and manipulation of the needles the practitioner can guide the energy flow through the channels to restore balance.